Develop model Haley and her mother Kelly made an impromptu trip to Chicago for a college visit and I just had to fit in shoot with Haley for her book. Not to mention grab some bomb Korean food, doughnuts, and do a little shopping with these ladies afterwords!

We met at my studio apartment to pick out outfits, pack up gear, and let Caitlin (@caitlincaresforhair) work her hair and makeup magic on Haley before we ventured out to shoot around my neighborhood here in Lincoln Park. For on-location shoots I’ve been packing my gear, clips, clothes, reflectors etc. into the grocery cart my parents got me for Christmas from Amazon. It makes it so much easier to tote things around long distances and for me to have everything that I could possibly need with me on location.

I was glad to have Haley’s mom Kelly on location with us! She helped us to tote around the cart and was a pro reflector holder throughout the shoot as well! You can NEVER have enough hands on deck at a shoot. 

Weather has definitely been warmer here in Chicago lately but it was still a pretty chilly, although beautiful, day so I tried to base the shoot vibe around heavier garments that wouldn’t force Haley to completely freeze to death. 

Our first look was on this cute rustic apartment staircase a few blocks away from my place. It was in the shade and we used a reflector to bounce a little more sunlight on Haley. 


A few steps away was another perfect staircase for our next outfit, an epic coat Jaida (@jaidabentley) and I had scored at a thirft shop last month. We used a reflector to block sunlight that was falling on the left side of Haley.

Our last look was shot in the shade of a nearby alley. We shot quickly as it was about 10 degrees colder in the shade and without a jacket Haley was freezing. She nailed it in just a few shots though so 3 minutes was about all we needed. The images ended up being striking in black and white.


I also recorded video on my iPhone 6 at the shoot and edited them into two shorts on my phone afterwords.


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