This is my first test shoot here in Chicago and I was so excited to work with Spencer from FACTOR | CHOSEN.

Jaida (my awesome roommate and friend @jaidabentley) and I set out a few days before to do some thrifting to find garments for the shoot. We found an cute black and white short sleeved sweater dress that ended up being killer among other items we’ll use for future shoots. I also got the chance to finally use a vintage blue 70’s style dress which was the first thing I thrifted here in Chicago after I moved. We paired it with some other sweaters, pants and shoes from our ever-growing thrifted styling collection. 

I live for thrifting. Most of the shoots you see on my site have styled from garments I’ve thrifted or rented from local vintage places (Omaha loves, CHECK OUT WALLFLOWER). Fashion trends are always repeating, so its easy to look at what’s currently trending in fashion and go back and find the original clothes from the decade they’re borrowing from. Your cash gets you a lot more when you’re paying $1-3 per item instead of $30 + for one shirt especially when you’re just using it for one shoot and may not use it again.

Here was the lighting setup I used for the first few looks:

An octobox is lighting the model from above, with a strip box closer to
the floor below it to fill in where the light drops off closer to the
models feet.

Resulting Images:

For the last two looks I set the octobox more to the side of the model, and used a white V flap to reflect light back onto Spencer.

HUGE THANK YOU to Jaida (@jaidabentley) for all your help assisting with this shoot! Also, love my girl Caitlin Krenz (@caitlincaresforhair), who’s always killing it with hair and makeup!

Hopefully you guys are digging these shoot breakdowns. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see me touch on!


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